is (and always was) unaffected by the Heartbleed bug

heartbleedYou may have heard a lot of worrying things about the Heartbleed web security vulnerability, and to be sure, it’s worrying. But is totally unaffected by Heartbleed and was never in danger (slightly more technical version: we were not running the affected version of Open SSL), so you can rest assured that your login and payment information on NAP are and always have been completely secure with us. You don’t have to change your MyNAP password, though it’s generally a good practice to change out all of your passwords regularly and make sure that you have a unique password for each website you log onto.

While we’re on the subject, we thought you might like to take a break from hearing about Heartbleed to read more about cybersecurity from some of the expert research that the Academies have done on the topic. We picked out some of the notable titles and put them in our Cybersecurity Collection.